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We help you optimise costs, improve services and reduce risks for your business by helping you transform your IT: from applications to infrastructure, from business case to project execution, from process development to service delivery.

We bring you:

  • High value – with our network of highly experienced senior IT executives and subject matter experts. You pay only for who you need when you need them.
  • High impact – we have helped our clients make major strategic improvements, transforming their IT and saving many millions of pounds, dollars and euros.
  • High velocity – we deliver very quickly thanks to our unique "big picture" approach to stakeholder engagement and the processes we have been fine-tuning for the last 14 years. What takes other months we deliver in weeks!

Our people

Simon Pennock, Chairman
Simon Pennock

Simon is one of the four founders of CloudTalent and works closely with CEO Adrian Overall to define the strategic direction of the company and ensure the foundations are in place to scale with quality. He also gets engaged as a sponsor on key project deliveries.

After a successful technical and sales career with IBM and EMC, where he was UK and Ireland Managing Director, Simon spotted an opportunity to work on the Customer side of the desk to help remove the blockers that prevent projects being initiated and executed on time and in budget. Simon helps IT teams and Business leaders pull together disparate stakeholders into a cohesive team, empowering them to deliver change, fast.

Married with two children, Simon still occasionally plays Veterans rugby and drives a state school sports initiative. Simon has an MA in physics from Oxford University.

Adrian Overall, CEO
Adrian Overall

Adrian graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent his early career working for American software companies. He achieved his MBA in 2005 from Warwick Business School.

One of four founders of CloudTalent and responsible for the day to day running of the business, he ensures that we remain true to our core values of professionalism, integrity and humility. Working with the team to ensure that quality is at the forefront of everything we do, he steers the ship to maintain the company on a sound and principled course.

Married, with two children, he is a keen Salmon fisherman and enjoys the long drives north to the Borders and Highlands to partake in his favourite pastime. 

Tony Irving, COO
Tony Irving

Tony joined CloudTalent in March 2013 assigned to one of the largest transformation projects in the company’s history. Prior to that he had spent most of his career in Investment Banking technology functions culminating in a CTO-level role at Thomson Reuters as Global Head of Technology Operations, managing 2,500 staff and a budget of $750m per annum.

For over thirty years, Tony has run large-scale global IT operations and delivery functions, being responsible for major programmes including leading the technology infrastructure aspects of a merger, as well as being involved in both outsourcing and insourcing.

Tony started his career in cost & management accountancy in the retail sector, but the lure of technology quickly resulted in a move into the finance sector, where he progressed through a number of infrastructure roles covering data centres, networks, voice, desktop services, trading floors and financial messaging.

In his spare time, Tony runs an FA-affiliated Church County Football League and is also manager and treasurer of one of the league’s football teams. He enjoys playing golf and participating in charity bike rides.

Caroline Barker, Chief Financial Officer
Caroline Barker
Chief Financial Officer

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Caroline manages the Company's Finance and Corporate Governance matters.

After qualifying with PriceWaterhouse, Caroline worked in the Aviation IT sector, holding responsibility for US, French and Chinese subsidiary operations and serving on the UK Trade Advisory Board for China (CBBC). In 2000 she was awarded an OBE for Services to Business in China.

Today, as part of CloudTalent, Caroline enjoys the variety of her work and the energy of the team around her.

A keen skier during the winter months, Caroline also enjoys summer weekends afloat on the River Thames close to her home in Berkshire.

Brad Day, Business Development Director
Brad Day
Business Development Director

Brad is one of the founders of CloudTalent and is responsible for Business Development, our Partner strategy, and runs The Reality Exchange (TReX) - our vendor-free client community.

After graduating with a BSC Hons. in Applied Chemistry, Brad embarked on a sales career which included 14 years with EMC in a variety of sales and sales management roles. He ran EMC’s Nordic business, before joining The Networked Storage Company (TNWSC) in 2003. Following DELL’s acquisition of TNWSC in 2008, he ran sales in DELL’s IT Simplification Practice before helping start CloudTalent in late 2011.

Despite being deceptively slow, Brad still plays 5 a-side football and occasional Vets rugby.

Mark Steel, CTO
Mark Steel

Mark is one of the four founders and is responsible for developing the Intellectual Property of the company and developing the services that we deliver to customers.

Mark has worked in IT for twenty-seven years, starting with application development and analysis, moving to operations (service delivery), engineering and architecture and then to consulting across a wide range of market segments.

During work hours – and often beyond – Mark enjoys trying to solve complex customer problems. Given fair weather, Mark's time would ideally be split between flying Helicopters and cooking on the BBQ.

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