Written by CloudTalent – published 10 September 2013

When Geoff Alder, Technology Architect at CloudTalent read about Acumatica’s cloud multi-tenancy, we asked him for his thoughts – read on to find out what he said:

Acumatica is showing how the market is maturing, that it understands that one size fits all does not address the full market need.

For many customers the option is SaaS or host it yourself and commit to the perpetual license fees and infrastructure to support. For SaaS the flexibility to choose options off a menu and vary the number of subscriptions is attractive, but there is often very limited custom support or branding.

As more and more SaaS services are consumed, these limitations become more of an issue, with Enterprises struggling with look and feel and consistency issues for their users due to the lack of customisation options available.

By customisation I mean choosing UserID patterns and security policies, Single Sign On integrations, custom URLs that fit with a companies namespace for example acme.com/ rather than desensitising users to accept logging into any namespace presented to them, for example .com/acme. Branding should be beyond the addition of a simple logo to a website and should allow deeper integration between systems.

The reality of SaaS is that it’s often not “the cloud", it’s “clouds” with blue sky between each one. By providing more flexible hosting and configuration options a more unified, integrated approach becomes easier to achieve.

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