Identification, agreement and clear definition of the outcomes required

Requirements engineering is often the next step after a strategic assessment, but can be performed standalone using similar techniques and methods.  It usually involves detailed construction of personalised and properly engineered requirements or outcomes for the specific client and their particular situation so they can reach out to the market.

We use our unique “big picture” approach to stakeholder engagement to make sure we get buy-in from all the stakeholders and our clients only buy what they need.

Our clients often ask us to carry out both requirements engineering and vendor selection (using our highly effective RFP process) on their behalf.

Sometimes this is followed up by using our RFP process on behalf of our clients.

As with all our engagements, we apply our “Line of Sight” methodology to ensure everything is linked – from agreed issue to desired outcome, from planned action to vendor’s contractual term.

Our “Line of Sight” methodology: collaborative, proven, cost-effective

We provide value-based input for you and your business. We work with you to help ensure you understand and can articulate the real requirements for your needs, and enabling you to reach out to vendors as part of an RFP/RFI exercise.  We simply ask the right questions to get the right results:

  • We encourage a sense of collaboration between stakeholders
  • Having a clear view of what outcomes are required
  • Having an auditable trail of the source and development of each requirement
  • Removing personal advocacy and wish lists
  • Contract ready requirement wording reduces legal review time
  • Our process is quicker and cheaper than doing it all in house.

CloudTalent expertise:

  • We use our unique “big picture” approach to stakeholder engagement, based on workshops and custom A0 infographics to gain consensus and bring everyone on the journey.
  • A practical approach based on reality and experience.
  • Our streamlined processes are 14 years in the making – they are extremely efficient and have proven to work.
  • We have one of the largest associate networks – a unique mix of senior IT executives, technical experts and consultants – practitioners with scarce skills, executives who have “walked in your shoes.”
  • Our “Line of Sight” methodology links everything together in one clear line of sight – from stakeholder agreed requirements to planned action, from project deliverable to vendor’s contractual terms. 

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