Delivering actionable insight into IT

There’s always friction in major IT projects. Internally, everyone’s so busy with their day job they’re unable to step back and see the big picture. Externally, vendors, analysts and consultants create confusion, hyping up each wave of new technology, thriving on uncertainty. It’s not surprising that so many IT transformation projects don’t deliver on time and on budget.

A different approach

That’s where we come in. We don’t have anything to sell. We don’t have any agendas or targets to meet. We simply have a different way of doing things. First, we align your stakeholders around a clear picture of the current mode of operation. Then we develop a strategic vision that everyone agrees on.

Then we deliver it. It’s that simple.

Our "Line of Sight" methodology: practical, pragmatic, impartial

We don’t offer commentary, we don’t sell products, we don’t waste time. Our "Line of Sight" methodology is simple. We help you stand back to see the big picture, then we deliver practical expertise and offer a pragmatic approach to fix the issues that obstruct your business:

  • A clear stakeholder agreement on the current mode of operation, its issues, risks and costs.
  • A detailed future mode of operation tailored to your situation addressing all issues and risks.
  • A clear project roadmap to get there.
  • A clear, simple business case to justify any changes.

CloudTalent expertise:

  • We use our unique “big picture” approach to stakeholder engagement, based on workshops and custom A0 infographics to gain consensus and bring everyone on the journey.
  • Our streamlined processes are 14 years in the making – they are extremely efficient and have proven to work.
  • We have one of the largest associate networks – a unique mix of senior IT executives, technical experts and consultants – people with scarce skills, executives who have “walked in your shoes.”
  • We have saved our clients millions of pounds, euros and dollars – making a substantial impact for some of the world’s most prestigious businesses.

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