Develop a technology sourcing strategy fit for the future

Almost every CIO in a large enterprise is facing a common problem. Budgets are going down, while requirements and expectations of technology are increasing. You are tasked with keeping technology running and providing your business with the reliability and support they need. On top of this you have to innovate, make IT easier to consume for workers, and ensure that the technology department becomes a key enabler of business strategy. All this has implications on your company technology and services sourcing strategy - what to keep in house and innovate, and what to outsource to reduce cost and standardise.

An outsourcing strategy focused on one large “monolithic” outsource contract that includes the entire technology landscape, plus service and strategy, might not be suitable for today’s technology environment that is more nuanced and multi-faceted. New technologies, such as cloud, are changing the topology of corporate IT infrastructure, as well as the level of influence it can have on a business. The result is a change in technology sourcing. Forward-thinking IT leaders are optimising sourcing strategies that balance the benefits and risks of the different options available – outsource, insource, smart source, multi or single partner.

Sourcing Strategies: technology control in the 21st century

How CIOs can get sourcing right for their businesses.

Out of date technology contracts?

Find out why and how to update your technology sourcing strategy.

Do you want to make your organisation 51% more efficient?

Find out what is driving the need to modernise IT contracts

What is the correct framework for IT contracts?

Listen to our experts discuss the principles around agile IT contracts

CloudTalent has a proven sourcing advisory methodology

CloudTalent has a technology and service sourcing strategy approach that has helped our customers assess, source and implement new technology and optimise ways of working. Delivering million pounds of material savings as well as service improvement and technology transformation. 

We have three key steps to our technology sourcing advisory service.

1. Develop the technology operations strategy

Understanding what your technology sourcing strategy aims to achieve is critical for success, and for delivering the required business value.

  • Understand what you have today and what future model you need, with business-wide stakeholder agreement and a clear business case for change.

2. Define the sourcing strategy

This is a fact-based analysis and approach to enable your optimisation of the sourcing strategy. The correct blend of partners, internal as well as external, is critical for a successful strategy.

  • What are your sourcing options and how can they achieve the future strategy, eg outsource, insource, multi-source; and what vendors should you be considering?

3. Execute the sourcing process

CloudTalent helps to drive a simplified, efficient and quick sourcing process with a best-in-class methodology that has been established over 14 years.

  • Define clear requirements covering the technology solution, operational service model, commercial/financial model and a robust, auditable RFI/RFP methodology which can benchmark vendors.

Modernise your technology sourcing strategy

Our sourcing advisory service can help reduce costs ,improve service and deliver technology transformation – within weeks, not months.

Facing pressure to modernise your technology sourcing strategy?

Assess, source and review your technology and service partners

Are your IT contracts ready for new technologies?

Listen to our experts discussing the challenges associated with the correct technology sourcing strategy

Do you know the one thing you should be doing with your IT contracts?

Listen to our experts debating the key things to consider for technology sourcing

To find out more about our other sourcing strategy services please visit our requirements engineering and vendor selection pages.

For further information around our Technology Sourcing Advisory service and our thoughts around the topic please download the information at the bottom of this page or visit our blog to hear what experts are saying around the topic.

CloudTalent expertise:

  • We use our unique “big picture” approach to stakeholder engagement, based on workshops and custom A0 infographics to gain consensus and bring everyone on the journey.
  • Our streamlined processes are 14 years in the making – they are extremely efficient and have proven to work.
  • We have one of the largest associate networks – a unique mix of senior IT executives, technical experts and consultants – people with scarce skills, executives who have “walked in your shoes.”
  • We have saved our clients millions of pounds, euros and dollars – making a substantial impact for some of the world’s most prestigious businesses.

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