Terms and Condition

  • The Finder’s fee will be paid after the candidate has successfully completed their probation period of 2 weeks.
  • ‚ÄčTo be classed as an introduction, the introducer will need to send the prospective candidate’s CV to a member of the Recruitment team or talent@cloudtalent.co.uk.
  • If a candidate is sent through by more than one Employee or Associate, then the finder’s fee will be awarded to the Employee or Associate who sent the CV through first as shown by email.
  • No finder’s fee can be paid for someone who has worked for CloudTalent/Avanade as an Employee or Associate within 24 months of the introduction being made.
  • Managers recruiting for a role cannot be paid a finder’s fee for introducing a candidate for a role in their team or sphere of influence, without their Director’s approval.
  • Members of the recruitment team cannot be paid a finder's fee for referrals.
  • The introducer needs to be an Employee (as defined by having a permanent contract) or Associate (as defined by having a signed MTC) at the time of the Associate successfully completing probation/completing six months of service to qualify for the respective finder’s fees.
  • On no account will the Company pay a recruitment fee to an agency as well as a finder’s fee for the same person – if a recruitment consultancy can prove the original introduction is theirs, no finder’s fee can be paid.
  • If you are an Associate that has made a successful referral, you will be sent a reminder of where to send invoices to after the time milestones have been reached, and if you are an Employee that has made a successful referral the payments will be added to your payslips the month after the time milestones have been reached.

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